You don't have to give up studying to start working. On one of our apprenticeships, you can do both.

You’ll have all the challenges of our business plus all the support of your colleagues, as you continue your learning with a training provider at a specialist training centre.


It’ll give you incredible insight into what we do, practical experience and a real salary. Of course, you can look forward to an advanced or higher apprenticeship qualification too.

Our Selection process

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3Second interview

This usually starts with a skills based exercise. You'll get time to prepare for this before you present your response to the interviewers. The rest of the interview will mostly be exploring your skills and experience through competency-based questions. We'll also tell you more about the role and your responsibilities and you'll have plenty of time to ask questions too. See this stage as a real chance to shine.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Refresh yourself on the questions from the phone interview and the answers you gave. And look at the key requirements of the role so that you can think of examples that you can talk through on the day. Use the STAR system:

  • Situation: Describe the situation and what happened.
  • Task: Outline the task you were given and describe the role you took to complete the task.
  • Action: Detail the specific and relevant steps that you took and/or the things that you said that ensured a positive outcome.
  • Result: Explain the outcome of your actions and your learning points.

Be ready to talk about your career aspirations, education, strengths and weaknesses. Also, prove that you've done your research on us. It'll show that you're really interested.

Clear, concise questions at the end of the interview will help you understand much more about the role.

Finally, we’re interested in you and your personality. Don’t keep it to yourself on the day.


We offer various apprenticeship routes, tailored to you and your career, whichever route you choose, we will support you in building the foundations for your career and help you achieve your ambitions.

Whichever route you choose, you will have a real job from Day 1 of starting with RM, whilst continuing your learning with a training provider at a specialist training centre. We will also support your personal development through our in-house Learning & Development team and through regular reviews and feedback from your manager.

Working in a team where you'll get a great insight into how the business works, you'll earn a salary whilst gaining practical work experience within your chosen discipline.