Highlights of my first year at RM Results

It’s been over a year since I started as Head of Innovation at RM Results. I had an opportunity recently to reflect and look back: here are some of the things the team and I are proud of having done so far.

Launched RM Studio

I joined RM Results in the spring to build an innovation capability for RM. We call the result RM Studio.

Developed the RM Studio toolkit.

Developed the RM Studio toolkit.

The RM Studio product management lifecycle

We have created a complete toolkit of tools, processes and communities of practice that helps us work together in new ideas as well as communicate among ourselves, our colleagues and others.

An innovation community.

RM Studio doesn’t want a monopoly on innovation: we want to be the catalyst that makes innovation happen everywhere. That’s why we have set ourselves up as a community of practice where innovators from all our sites around the world come together to share, coach and encourage each other. Everyone’s invited!

The response to Covid.

When the UK lockdown was announced, RM Studio rushed to get even closer to our customers, partners and education regulators to quickly bring to market solutions that allowed schools to keep teaching and awarding organisations to issue qualifications. Products small and big came out of that effort. If your child’s school rolled out Google Classroom in record time so learning could go on, we have had a small part to play.

The people that make Studio.

We’re transforming RM and education. I could write about the many products we’ve worked on, from computer vision to big data, from automation to remote collaboration. But I want to come clean and admit that the only reason I started typing today was to have an opportunity to celebrate the people that have chosen to join the Studio community and its innovation efforts. We may not be multitude but each and everyone, long-time RMers and new arrivals alike live, breathe and shape RM Studio daily with their passion, commitment and personalities. I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with this magnificent group of people every day!