Our Culture of Learning

Growth, both personal and organisational, is at the heart of RM's strategy. As individuals and as an organisation, we need to continue to learn, to develop, to grow, if we are to fulfil our aspirations.

One year ago, RM gave us all with an opportunity to take control of our growth and our learning through the introduction of LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning has provided us all with anywhere, anytime access to Industry leading learning content.

Content that helps us build the capabilities we need to be the very best we can be now as well as thrive in the future… and from the engagement data and the feedback from our employees, wow we really have grabbed this opportunity.

​​​​​​​We are thrilled to announce that our efforts have not gone unnoticed. RM has been awarded a LinkedIn Talent Award in the category of Best Culture of Learning. Our Head of Talent. Louise Barnwell, said "Our purpose is to enrich the lives of learners worldwide. So really pleased that RM has been recognised for living up to our purpose, for creating the best culture of learning for our people. To enable them to develop, the grow, to enrich their lives at RM.” This is an amazing achievement by everyone at RM, well done!