Our Sustainability Agenda

We spoke to Di Booth who has recently joined RM to support us looking at our sustainability agenda and to help RM on our journey to assess our environmental impact.

Di told us when she joined that she was amazed by how much had already been done but that people weren’t aware of what they have achieved. For example, our New Product Development team were already introducing alternatives to virgin plastics that have a smaller ecological footprint and are bio- or waste-based.  Across the business we have already reduced our carbon impact by 67% since we stopped our manufacturing business in 2014. In Harrier Park,  our purpose-built new site in Nottinghamshire, we are looking at installing solar power which will also result in a further 13% carbon reduction.

After seeing what was already in place, we brought together people in the business who are passionate about the environment to help Di create an environmental management and sustainable procurement management system that will seek certification to ISO 14001 in 2022.  Through this we have developed an ambitious action plan that includes initiatives such as our RM Resources Quality and Procurement Team focussing on packaging on 36,000 products to reduce packaging to an absolute minimum and only use recyclable materials, RM ESI researching how we can make our software lower carbon in use and Software Product Development trialling a new offsetting approach to their own carbon impacts which if successful will be offered to our customers. We are also working with Hewlett Packard within the Schools Technology division on their Take Back Service where HP take back old devices from customer schools and give a credit so that they can be recycled. As a result, in the last year schools have received over £100,000 in credits.

So, Di hasn’t had to start from scratch but instead is able to focus on supporting existing initiatives and help people to develop them.  

Working with our Executive, we have now also launched a Sustainable Development Governance Panel and Monique Louis, the Managing Director of RM Resources, has been appointed as Chair. The Panel reviews our progress against plans, objectives and targets, carries out the management review of the management system, develops new strategies and reports to the Executive quarterly.

Environmental Awareness training for all employees has been developed and will be rolled out as we work towards ISO14001 certification in Environmental Management.