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Great business has a heart and ours is education. Everything we do is about making technology work for our customers’ teaching and learning needs. We develop engaging, inspiring technical solutions and win awards along the way. From classroom resources that get top marks, to progressive cloud-based management solutions, we’ve got real space to be creative.

It helps that we all want to give each other our time, help and support. You’ll also meet a lot of different teams and take responsibility early on. RM Education is small enough for you to feel like you have a lot of contact with people all over the business, but big enough to mean you can move around for fresh opportunities.

Our portfolio is really diverse. Here’s what we do.

Outsourcing, support and implementation services. These include managed services, onsite support, telephone support and consultancy services.

Infrastructure Solutions
Network software, tools and infrastructure services, such as the Community Connect network and device management tools and virtualisation.

Digital Platforms and Content
Access to curriculum resources and school management solutions, including RM Integris school management systems, RM Unify ‘launch pad to the cloud’, RM Books e-book system, RM Easimaths and RM Easiteach.

Broadband and e-safety solutions.

After 40 years in Education, we’ve grown in size and now have a great team of 647 permanent people. It’s thanks to all of them that we’ve developed our reputation in the UK and around the world.

Our feedback from staff shows us that we’re going the right way and doing the right things. 90% of them say they have good friends and colleagues at work, while 82% feel that their work gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment.

As importantly, they’re a dedicated bunch. An amazing 91% of them said they’re happy to go the extra mile at work when needed.

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Software, services and technology to UK schools and colleges.

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