"You are encouraged to do something a bit different."

Pete Collison

Account Manager

I’m an Account Manager within the Business Development team. I am responsible for managing the relationship with our customers, including exploration of new partnering opportunities, renewal of contracts and anything commercial or legal.

The best bit about it is the variety. I have one key customer that I manage. They are a very large and diverse organisation and our relationship with them is complex, as is the range of services we offer them. Which means one day I could be working on a joint marketing research project, the next, I’m meeting with their Commercial Director to discuss terms of their contract.

Trust and responsibility are another aspect to the role. My customer is the RM Group’s largest single customer. The fact that I am trusted to manage that relationship and have the autonomy to deal with things on my own is great. Ultimately, it drives me to feel I have ownership for the account.

RM Results has a more strategic focus than the other group businesses. We have fewer customers than them in number, but each customer is large and complex. We have to understand them well and work with them in partnership, which is a different approach. We are given time and space to understand the customer and work closely with them.

Nothing we do is off the shelf so it gives you the opportunity to be creative and innovative - and I am given the freedom to do that.
In real terms, I work with my customer almost like I’m running a small business: I get to know them well and manage all aspects of their interaction with us.


"Nothing we do is off the shelf so it gives you the opportunity to be creative, innovative and I am given the autonomy to do that."