Early Careers

If you love great ideas, you couldn’t find a better place to have them.

This is the future of technology, resources and services in education. So whether you want to be a creative thinker, a brilliant project manager or a technical specialist, we’ll do our best to bring out the best in you.


"For me, the apprenticeship scheme has worked really well. I liked the structure, having a mentor and knowing what was expected of me and what I needed to achieve."

Oliver Mboge

"I am enjoying every aspect of the role but what I really love is that I am actually making a difference with the role that I do."

Bianca Moffatt

"One of the key advantages I’ve discovered about working here is the fact that you’re not treated any differently just because you’re a young graduate with less experience."

Sarah Lampard

"When I came for the interview, I felt that you wouldn’t get lost in the company and I wanted to work somewhere that would give me a proper role as a Graduate."

Francesca Gillett